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Student Blogging Challenge


Nadia Comenechi
What was your favourite apparatus and why?

Dane Swan
What are the goods and bads of being famous?

Lauren Mitchell
Who did you look up to as a young gymnast like I look up to you?

Georgia Bonora
What is your best apparatas and why?

Gabriella Dougalas
What is it like to win gold at the olympics?

Mick Mouldhouse
How did you feel of being the coach of such a great footy club?

Bethany Hamelton
How does it feel to be such an amazing famous surfer?

Nick Maxwell
How does it feel to be the captain of Collingwood?

Dale Thomas
Do you have to eat really healthy and what foods do you eat?

Asheligh Brennan
What got you into gymnastics and why?


Student Blogging Challenge

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