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Mothers day!!!


I woke up bright and early on mothers day ready to give Mum her presents. I stood in my p.j’s at the front door waiting till she got back from her run. When she did get home I hugged and kissed her and we gave her our presents. She loved all of them and treasured them in a special box. Through the day we did not do much but at night we went to my cousins house for dinner. My aunty Rebbeca was there asell as my other aunt with all her 4 kids. Not the whole family was there but it was still lots of fun. My little cousin Hazel would not stop following me it was very cute but also very annoying. We gave my Grandma a new coffee maker and a coffe can. She loved it because she lives off coffee basicly. I had a very fun day and most impotantly all the Mums did!!! I gave lots of hugs and kisses.

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