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Peppers with Tamika


On Sunday night I went out for dinner with Tamika! We had a ball, while laughing alot. We both had fish and chips with salad for dinner. We both thought it was very nice but had to much onion in it. We got a little pack to intertain us, it had crayons and all sorts of activities. it was quite funny because it was all princess stuff but we still kept it all. We orded dessert and we also got the same again which was red jelly with 2 frogs in the pond. That was top notch, it was the most beautiful jelly i had ever had. I love going to the Sands for dinner it is all very posh! Tamike and i laughd the whole time so that made it even more fun. Overall I think The Sands was very delicious and i would give it a 9.9/10!!!

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