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U want 2 come 2 the movies with me 2 morrow. Mum wants 2 know.

For sure. Wot movie

Monster uni! Will b fantastic

Been wanting 2 c that 4 ages! So excited.

Bring sk8 stuff.I have lollies. Try 2 bring more!!!

Bringing sk8 things. Got stacks of lollies!!!

LOL going to be sick. Thanx 4 lollies.

C wot BFFS r 4. wot time do I come.

Come @ 5″O,clock” tomorrow

Mum asked if u wanted 2 sleep over instead of coming tomorrow.

Sure wot do I bring?

IDK!!!come when ever after 1;30 today!

Will b there @ 2pm as I have dance!

All good, I have gymnastics aswell. G2G. C u later. Got gymnastics now!!!

Bye have dance 2!xoxo

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