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Homework Weekly Reflection!!!

Homework Week 1
Last week at school our main subject was ''Trash 'n' fashion''. Tamika,
Ruby and I completed a dress that was made out of lot's of handy recycled
item's. In literacy we did a sustainable new's paper article. Tamika and I
made a word search that included enviromental friendly item's. I think we
did a good job but we could of added something else onto it. In math's we
looked at shape's. We had to draw a shape on all different angle's then
someone else had to try and make it using block's. I think I could of
challenged myself more by using a little more block's but I did get lot's
of shape's done. We have just started big idea and Tamika and I are doing
it on how the aboriginal's felt when the European's came and took over
Australia. We have got our infomation but I think we need to use our time

Homework Week 2
Last week was a normal week. In math's we were learning about cartisian planes.
I wasn't here for the whole week as I was sick but I do have a
rough understanding of them. In r.e we were reflecting on our religion project's.
I think my group and I did a pretty good job and got enough work done.
 In literacy we did normal workshop's with the teacher's and I got alot of work done.
For big idea Tamika and I are now on task and not getting distracted.
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