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Homework Weekly Reflection!!!

Homework Week 1
Last week at school our main subject was ''Trash 'n' fashion''. Tamika,
Ruby and I completed a dress that was made out of lot's of handy recycled
item's. In literacy we did a sustainable new's paper article. Tamika and I
made a word search that included enviromental friendly item's. I think we
did a good job but we could of added something else onto it. In math's we
looked at shape's. We had to draw a shape on all different angle's then
someone else had to try and make it using block's. I think I could of
challenged myself more by using a little more block's but I did get lot's
of shape's done. We have just started big idea and Tamika and I are doing
it on how the aboriginal's felt when the European's came and took over
Australia. We have got our infomation but I think we need to use our time

Homework Week 2
Last week was a normal week. In math's we were learning about cartisian planes.
I wasn't here for the whole week as I was sick but I do have a
rough understanding of them. In r.e we were reflecting on our religion project's.
I think my group and I did a pretty good job and got enough work done.
 In literacy we did normal workshop's with the teacher's and I got alot of work done.
For big idea Tamika and I are now on task and not getting distracted.
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Foot Print Challenge


I did a foot print challenge to find out how many worlds we would need if the whole world lived the way my family does. If everyone did live like us we would need 3.2 worlds to supply daily needs for everyone. I think it is okay considering I have 7 family members but we could help the earth more. I could get less packaging so there would not be so much plastic needed.



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Peppers with Tamika


On Sunday night I went out for dinner with Tamika! We had a ball, while laughing alot. We both had fish and chips with salad for dinner. We both thought it was very nice but had to much onion in it. We got a little pack to intertain us, it had crayons and all sorts of activities. it was quite funny because it was all princess stuff but we still kept it all. We orded dessert and we also got the same again which was red jelly with 2 frogs in the pond. That was top notch, it was the most beautiful jelly i had ever had. I love going to the Sands for dinner it is all very posh! Tamike and i laughd the whole time so that made it even more fun. Overall I think The Sands was very delicious and i would give it a 9.9/10!!!

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Mothers day!!!


I woke up bright and early on mothers day ready to give Mum her presents. I stood in my p.j’s at the front door waiting till she got back from her run. When she did get home I hugged and kissed her and we gave her our presents. She loved all of them and treasured them in a special box. Through the day we did not do much but at night we went to my cousins house for dinner. My aunty Rebbeca was there asell as my other aunt with all her 4 kids. Not the whole family was there but it was still lots of fun. My little cousin Hazel would not stop following me it was very cute but also very annoying. We gave my Grandma a new coffee maker and a coffe can. She loved it because she lives off coffee basicly. I had a very fun day and most impotantly all the Mums did!!! I gave lots of hugs and kisses.

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Gymnastics Practice Competition


On Sunday I helped at the level 1 to 3’s competition at our gymnastics centre.There was not enough coaches their so I had to help the level 2’s. I had to help them remember some things that they forgot. I think I did well at making sure they didnt do things wrong and making sure all the bars and boxes were at the right measurement. But I deffenitly should of done better at making sure they were not so loud because at times they went a bit crazy and got out of hand. Why they were waiting for the scores a couple of girls and I did a display. I had to show my floor routine to the whole audience. It was good practice but nerve racking as everyone had their eye balls on me. At the end all the little level 2s ran and gave me a hug plus they thanked me. One day I want to coach gymnastics propaly!!!

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Homework Weekly Post


Yesterday at school we did our weird science expo. I did a at home volcano. I made a volcano out of play dough then got bi-carb soda, food colouring and vinegar. It made an explotion of bubbles and because of the red food dye it looked like lava. At first it didnt work because I did not put enough bi-carb in. But lucky I brought lots and lots of ingredients so I did it a couple more times. Each time it got better and better and better. I think I could of maybe made the volcano a bit neater so it looked better. Overall the science went really well and it got more interesting every time. The reason why it kept on bubbling was because the 2 chemiacals caused a reaction together!!!

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100 Word Challenge


“Are we there yet”, Nelly yelled  on their trip to Darwin. “No we are only half way yet ,”   Dad explained. Her family were on there way to Darwin but the car stopped suddenly. What just happened. The gas is all out, I have no coverige what are we going to do!!! “Great we are stuck in the middle of nowhere and I cant get on my phone.” Nellys older sister complained. We are going to have to wait till someone drives past. We are  going to be here for years. What is that,  its a phone and it is working!!!       

Maths Homework!


Entree- Vegiterian Sausagerolls
-Puff pastry $4
-Peacans $3
-Cottage cheese $2.30
-Rolled oats 50c
-Onion $1
-Soy sauce 10c
-Cellary $1

Main- Chicken soup with bread
-Chicken $5
-Onion $1
-Garlic 50c
-Broclli $3
-Zicini $2
-Cream corn $1.80
-Evaporated milk $1.90
-Chicken stock $3.50

Dessert- Peppermint slice with ice cream
-Ice cream $3
-Peppermint crisp bars $4
-Murry biscuits 89c
-Chocolate $2
-Condence milk $2

If I had $100 dollars to spend on the ingredients I would have $60 change because it only adds upto $39.99.

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Homework Something Special


Glitter Text @

I qualified into Victorian Championships for gymnastics. This is a picture of me on beam at the competition doing a handstand. On beam I got bronz for comeing third. Overall I came forth. I felt very enthusiastic to go on beam  because I loved it so much. I love gymnastics alot so I was very happy I came third on beam. On beam I drawed third with one of my team mates who is very good at beam. My medal is hanging up in my bedroom with all of my other medals. After the competition I was very happy.

Mission Day Invitation


Glitter Text @

When: 21st November                                                                      

Time: Between 12:oopm and 1:30pm

Visit the Princess Zone and get a photo taken with Princess Poppy the bunny. Choose your costume and get it with Princess Poppy the bunny. Pose for the camera and get a shoot with cool pink back rounds. Pat and feed Princess Poppy! Pink!


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