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I love Christmas because we get to catch up with your family and I see my cousins that I hardely ever see. I love setting up the Christmas tree and putting all the decorations on. I love listening to Christmas carols because it is really pretty music. It is really fun to play games with family and chatch up to see them because most of them I barely see them. I love every single bit about Christmas because it is such a fun and beautiful

Homework Something Special


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I qualified into Victorian Championships for gymnastics. This is a picture of me on beam at the competition doing a handstand. On beam I got bronz for comeing third. Overall I came forth. I felt very enthusiastic to go on beam  because I loved it so much. I love gymnastics alot so I was very happy I came third on beam. On beam I drawed third with one of my team mates who is very good at beam. My medal is hanging up in my bedroom with all of my other medals. After the competition I was very happy.

Mission Day Invitation


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When: 21st November                                                                      

Time: Between 12:oopm and 1:30pm

Visit the Princess Zone and get a photo taken with Princess Poppy the bunny. Choose your costume and get it with Princess Poppy the bunny. Pose for the camera and get a shoot with cool pink back rounds. Pat and feed Princess Poppy! Pink!


Homework charity big idea


For big idea we chose to do is camp quality because we would like to learn more about camp quality. Camp Quality is a camp for children who are living with cancer. They make the families putting up with cancer happy and make them laugh. I think it’s a good idea because they should be happy like any other child. Camp quality also do a play about cancer which is good because I have seen it.

Five Card Flikr Coco the cat!!!


Five Card Story: Coco the cat

a Five Card Flickr story created by milly

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by Serenae

There was a pussy cat called Coco she was a stray cat. She stopped because she found some delisous pussy treats on the path and she thoght they looked stunning so she ate all of them. She walked passed a park with kids running umuck with joy. Coco even saw a old frog that was getting held by a kind man. Coco was tired and she fell asleep looking very cute. Coco woke up in a walm cosy house and she was staring at a family eating strawberries. Coco was glad she had a friendly family after being a stray cat. She was happy because now she was as clean as can be!!!

B.T.N The Super Trawler


This news report was about The Super Trawler which is a massive fishing boat that is using nets to catch 250 tons of fish a net. The Super Trawler is from Tasmania. It is at Sydney at the moment. I dis-agree that the Super Trawler should be aloud in the Australian oceans because it takes so many fish and fish need life like us. People have been saying that its all right to fish with a rod because it only takes one fish unlike nets. It made me wonder why they need so much fish and why they are doing it over here. It makes me ask what makes them want to fish in these oceans because there is oceans over there as well? It made me feel sad for the fish because they need life for as long as we do because there can be so much fish picked up by nets

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We did a writing work shop and had to write a piece using a picture and this is mine.

I am standing on the scorching hot sand with my family at the most beautiful calm beach. As i swim through the crystal clear water I can taste the salty water. There are slimy fish slithering past my cool feet. As I go under I can feel the cool water. When I swim under the amazing water I grab a pointy star fish. I caught a tiny wave back into the hot shore so I can have delicious lunch with my family. As we leave I can hear the beautiful wild life.

Trialling Domo Animate

September11 Cherry by millym

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

I give Domo Animate a 10 out of 10 because it is very fun to play around with and you can get lots of different things on it.



The news report was about Australia not brining enough medals back and all so about Australia’s school’s sports facility’s. I think that school’s should have good sports prgrams running because as it said some people cant afford to do after school activities. It made me wonder if my school has good sports programs and I think I am very lucky to go hear because we learn lots of different sports. I wonder if other schools learn great sports like us. It made me feel happy that we learn great sports but sad because some people cant afford to learn sports. It made me think that I am lucky to be able to do after school sports. I think that Australia are getting better and better at sporting events.

Blogging Challenge


monstrosity fear of canoes and we are going on them right now. My coach Ally is going on it with me so I feel a little bit safe. we are going under the bridge and I feel like I am going to fall in. We got to the end of the conoeing and wow I was glad it was over. We walked back to the camp and got our leotards on and walked outside to Ally. All of our leotards had a big shimmer in them from the sun. We walked into the gymnastics staidium and the first thing the lady said to us was “hello little madam’s“. We all laughed and got on to doing our gymnastics. After all the hard training we all sat by the fire chating and had a cup of tea. We tried to make the most of it because tommorow we were back on the highway.

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