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6 Word Story



Self-belief is in you some where


Never give up just be positive


Friends are always their for you

BTN Literacy


I think that people should not be able to take Rhino horns off them because it is apart of their body and they need them to defend them selves. I wonder why they do it because I think they should have a good reason why. How they do it with out getting hurt by the rhino. I think that they should not take their horns off because thats their nature and thye need them. It makes me feel sad because it would hurt the animals alot and they would be very saw. So I think they should stop taking rhinos horns off!

Chain Story


In week 1 we all each did a chain story. We had to start our story and pass it around and everyone would write part of the story. Mine turned out nothing like what I thought it would end like. I didnt really like it in the end.

My family were packing their bags ready to set off to the Melbourne airport. We are going to Tasmania to explore the place. We parked close to the food court so we could buy some yummy lunch. The man said in a deep voice across the loud speeker “the 1:15 plane is leaving.”

We were running with our bags as fast as we could “We are going to make it” I said. But then I fell over and rolled down the stairs and I was in a comer for a year.There wasnt much to do in the hospital but Ijust had to put up with it. My family had already left to Tasmainia and Iwas stuck in a comar for a long time. When my parents got me out of the hospital They ssked me if I wanted an icecream and I reaplied angrely yes. They gave me a cone of tomatoe icecream. I said “yuck”. I threw it at them and ran out of the hospital. The secierety tried to grab me but I was to fast. I ran threw the hall way with all the sick people and I stopped, I was looking around and I new they were not people they were goasts. They scared me so I ran faster and hit a brick wall. I slowly opened my eyes and all I could see was scary goasts looking straight down at me. There were about 15 of them then I suddenly started screaming in horror. Someone was shaking me and I snapped out of it ….dream! It was my parents “I am so angry, I fell down stairs nearly died and you went on a silly holiday.” What type of family are you? I stormed out of the room and went to live with my grandparents and they actually took good care of me!!!

Homework Swimming


On Wednesday night I went swimming with my Dad and brothers. I swam 1.2ks. It was really fun and a little bit hard. I like swimming because it is sporty and fun to do. I like all the different activities you can do when your swimming because they give you something to do other then t.v. There are some hard things and some easy things. I had a good time swimming with my brothers and Dad!

Homework Olympics!


I picked Emily Little because I love gymnastics and she is an amazing olympic gymnast. Emily Little started gymnastics when she was 6 years old. In 2008 Emily Little won the Australian all-aroud junior title also winning gold medal on vault, beam and floor. In 2008 Emily Little won the Golden state classic in the United States and won all-around.Emily Little and a nother team member from the London Olympic team train at the WAIS and she has trained there since she was 18.She is coached by Nikolai Lapchine and Martine George in Perth at the WAIS. Emily Little is an amazing Elite gymnast.I think Emily Little is a great role model because she shows great sportsmanship and shows alot of dedication to her gymnastics.

Year 5 Camp!!!



On the 23 of July the year 5 students set off to camp in Anglesea at Camp Wilkins.
When we arrived at the camp I have my mum a kiss and then we had a talk about the rules. After that we ate our snack and headed straight to the park. We did 4 activities in our groups. In my group I was with 3 of my friends Elly, Ella and Emma. We did canoeing first and I was with Elly. I was scared when I first got in because we kept crashing. After canoeing we went on a bush walk. Emma slid through the mud so we had to clean her up. We ate our lunch then went fishing but we didn’t catch any fish. Then we did some bush art and walked back to the camp. When we got back we went on the trampolines and then ate dinner. We went on a night walk and it was freezing. Then we sat at the camp fire and I sang songs with Elly. After that I went to sleep. In the morning we had breakfast and then had some free time. Then we did 4 rotations. My group did rock climbing first and that was really fun because it was high. Next we did bike riding and I liked the bits that didn’t have puddles. Then we did indicatives and that was really fun because you had to do really hard activitiesl. We had lunch and then my group set off to the high ropes course. That was so fun but scary because you had to attach yourself onto the course. We had more free time had dinner and then got ready for the disco. At the disco I won nerd glasses and a lollypop. My friends and I pumped lots of dancing up. We went to sleep after the dancing. When we woke up we had breakfast and did 4 other activities. We did bush cooking, flying fox, archery and the low ropes course. They were all so much fun because it was something new to do. We all had a big bbq for lunch then our parents came to pick us up. I had a amazing time. The high ropes and the archery took me out of my comfort zone because they were quiet nerve racking. I am most proud of the high ropes and the canoeing because they were probably the hardest ones. I can’t pick my favourite thing because everything was so fun. All the food was delicious and cooked very well. Overall I give it a 50/50 because it was so fun!!!

Sacred Heart Mission


Bid idea


For the last 10-14 weeks the 5/6 students have been learning about the mind, body and soul. We have linked one of our interests to the subject and completed a task. I chose my interest gymnastics. We have also done some rotations on the mind, body and soul. In one of the mind rotations we looked mainly at the brain. In one of the body rotations we did some healthy eating cooking. Finally we did the soul rotations and looked mainly at our hobbies.

Negotiated task 1: For my negotiated task 1 I learnt about a gymnasts diet and made a menu using that infomation.

Negotiated task 2: For negotiated task 2 I did a page of photoes of gymnasts doing their skills and highlited the mucsles mainly used in the skills. I made a body with all of the muscles so people could tell what muscles they were.

I think that I could of used my time alot better and complete a better task. I need to improve on using my time alot better so I can have a better task completed. I changed my task a bit to what I had wrote down on my proposal sheet. I wish I had of done what I wrote down on the sheet because it would probably end up better then what I did. I was most proud of my menu because I learnt what elite gymnasts need to eat to keep their body healthy for all of their training.I will always remember why gymnasts need to eat the right stuff. I think I could have put more effort into my overall task. Overall I am proud of some things and other things not so much.

Mrs. Rayson 112 word challenge


Glitter Text @

There was an old man who didn’t have money or a house. He was always smiling no matter what. All he had was a gold coin. He decided to enter the horror raffle to win $10,000. He arrived at the raffle after walking 10 kilomaters. He stood as they anounsed the winner. “Simon.H you have won $10,000”. Yelled the man. Simon ran up to the top of the stage and thanked the man as he passed the money to him. He saw a house in the middle of the flat ocean and he thoaght to himself that house is for me. He bought the house and ten years later he was as happy as possible.

207 word challenge


I was having an argument with my mum. We were having an argument about going on holidays was to much money. I screamed at mum “Holidays arent to much money for 4 people”. “Go to your room,” my Mother said. So I did as my Mother said and stomed off to my room. I sat in my room with my arms crossed and a huge frown on my face. I was angry that I got sent to my room, we never go on holidays and everyone else goes on ones. I was thinking of a brilliant idea. I was thinking of me paying with all my pocket money to get a flite to somewhere special. So I walked out of my room and apoligised to my Mum. She forgived me but she wasnt that happy how I yelled at her. I started telling her my magnificent idea and I was saying it with alot of excitment. She of course said no and I once again stormed into my room. A second later there was a knock on my bed room door. I opened it and in walked my mum that I was very angry wished. I hugged my mum as she said we can go to somewhere cheap!!!

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