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In Literacy I have been working on a news paper article. It is about the womens gymnastics olympic team. The article I read explains how they did at the olympics and they actually did pretty good. I learnt from the gymnastics article that falling off the beam takes alot of points off your score. I probably could of put more infomation in my text but I think I put lots of deitail into it. I could inprove on making my sentences more detailed so it explains it better. The gymnastics team missed out by 4 spots and if two of them didnt fall on the beam their team would of qulified.

For the last couple of weeks a group of people have been doing maths with Mr. Hynes. We did an individul chalange and we had to solve maths problems out and get the right answer to get a point for your self. We solved the problems by using addition, subtraction, multipulcation and division. I had the most trouble with subtraction because I found it hard to work out. I learnt thay breaking the numder up makes it so much easier to work out. It is good to do maths with Mr. Hynes because he really explains what to do.

In Literacy we did a speaking and listening assessment. I learnt that if you put lot’s of team work together it makes it a lot easier. I think we did well at meking the advertisment share because we all did the same amount of talking. I could of improved on making my voice a little bit higher. We could of made our advertisment a little bit longer so it was more catchy. I was in a group with Ella, Tamika and Kiah. I think we did a pretty good job overall.

In maths we have been working on decimals and fractions. I have learnt how to add, subtract, times and divide fractions. I think I did well at the adding one’s because they were the easiest. I could of improved on the times and divison one’s because I got stuck sometimes. I could of done neater working out so you could read it easier read. Maths with Mr Hynes is very fun and I have learnt alot from it!

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  1. September 10th, 2012 at 11:08 pm      Reply lmahon Says:

    Hi Milly, it certainly helps if you work as a team! You really projected your voice and spoke with confidence. How could you take your learning further?
    Miss Mahon

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