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Yesterday at school we did our weird science expo. I did a at home volcano. I made a volcano out of play dough then got bi-carb soda, food colouring and vinegar. It made an explotion of bubbles and because of the red food dye it looked like lava. At first it didnt work because I did not put enough bi-carb in. But lucky I brought lots and lots of ingredients so I did it a couple more times. Each time it got better and better and better. I think I could of maybe made the volcano a bit neater so it looked better. Overall the science went really well and it got more interesting every time. The reason why it kept on bubbling was because the 2 chemiacals caused a reaction together!!!

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Jeannie Baker


Jeannie Baker is an author, film maker and also an artist. She was born in 1950 on the 2nd of November in Croydon England. In 1975 she moved to Australia and became a childrens writer. She now lives in Sydney. Jeannie Baker is a childrens author and illurstater for award winning books. Jeannie Baker has also made short animated films such as THE STORY OF ROSEY DOCK!!! Her main aim is to communicate with people through her meanings in her story writing. her first step is to work out her ideas in her drawings. Jeannie Baker also does collages using all kinds of materials. She has written 13 childrens story books and also 2 animated films!!!

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Student blogging challenge 5



_Hidden treasure

-Missing person

-Unidentiefyd animal

-Secret whole

-Magic land

-Gingerbread house


-Talking trees and animals

-Cute Pixies

-Terrifying trolls



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100 Word Challenge


“Are we there yet”, Nelly yelled  on their trip to Darwin. “No we are only half way yet ,”   Dad explained. Her family were on there way to Darwin but the car stopped suddenly. What just happened. The gas is all out, I have no coverige what are we going to do!!! “Great we are stuck in the middle of nowhere and I cant get on my phone.” Nellys older sister complained. We are going to have to wait till someone drives past. We are  going to be here for years. What is that,  its a phone and it is working!!!       

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Student Blogging Challenge


Nadia Comenechi
What was your favourite apparatus and why?

Dane Swan
What are the goods and bads of being famous?

Lauren Mitchell
Who did you look up to as a young gymnast like I look up to you?

Georgia Bonora
What is your best apparatas and why?

Gabriella Dougalas
What is it like to win gold at the olympics?

Mick Mouldhouse
How did you feel of being the coach of such a great footy club?

Bethany Hamelton
How does it feel to be such an amazing famous surfer?

Nick Maxwell
How does it feel to be the captain of Collingwood?

Dale Thomas
Do you have to eat really healthy and what foods do you eat?

Asheligh Brennan
What got you into gymnastics and why?


Student Blogging Challenge

Maths Homework!


Entree- Vegiterian Sausagerolls
-Puff pastry $4
-Peacans $3
-Cottage cheese $2.30
-Rolled oats 50c
-Onion $1
-Soy sauce 10c
-Cellary $1

Main- Chicken soup with bread
-Chicken $5
-Onion $1
-Garlic 50c
-Broclli $3
-Zicini $2
-Cream corn $1.80
-Evaporated milk $1.90
-Chicken stock $3.50

Dessert- Peppermint slice with ice cream
-Ice cream $3
-Peppermint crisp bars $4
-Murry biscuits 89c
-Chocolate $2
-Condence milk $2

If I had $100 dollars to spend on the ingredients I would have $60 change because it only adds upto $39.99.

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Christmas advent calender


In blogging we made an Advent calender on power point and this is my one!

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Glitter Text @

I love Christmas because we get to catch up with your family and I see my cousins that I hardely ever see. I love setting up the Christmas tree and putting all the decorations on. I love listening to Christmas carols because it is really pretty music. It is really fun to play games with family and chatch up to see them because most of them I barely see them. I love every single bit about Christmas because it is such a fun and beautiful

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Disco Photo Trail


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Picture trail Surfing


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