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Glitter Words
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Last Friday we went to The beach for school surfing and I had a ball. Firstly I started on beach waiding. That was really fun because we got wet and we ran around my Dad. After waiding we had a quick play in the water and I went on my Dads shoulders. I even did a back flip off his hands. After waiding we went to beach relays. I was in a team with Meg, Alexis, Callum and Luke. We came about 2nd. The beach realays were really fun because we were just mucking around. Finally we went to beach flags and I won. That was probably my favorite beach activity. After I won I had to verse the boys in my group and I also won that. I was really happy and after laying in all the sand I had to wash off in the water and I had a little swim with Meg. Then we had our snack and after snack we ate some scrumptious chips and a soft drink. I shared my salty chips with Ruby! Finally we got to jump in the water and get some surfing done. At the start I was just catching some white water waves. But then my Dad took me out deeper and I caught waves from blue water. I was busting some pretty cool poses on the waves which was really fun. Ont the waves I was a cow boy, I did the YMCA, I painted my nails and did a boogie and danced. I had so much fun at school surfing and I was very glad my Dad helped because he made it even better!!! I can’t wait for surfing next year and over the summer I will probably get up to some surfing.We were very lucky to have so much fun!

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